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Our energy specialists provide advisory services related to the sale of companies and assets, and raise capital for Oil & Gas producers offering transaction services for assets at any stage of development.

  • Oil & Gas Asset Sales – Operated properties, non-operated working interests, minerals, royalties and overrides
  • Private Company Sales – E&P, oilfield service, mid-stream, equipment and technology companies
  • Marketing Prospects and Projects – Leases and development projects, including highly technical projects
  • Raising Capital – Private placements to finance development drilling, or acquisitions of producing properties
Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.
– J. Paul Getty



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                      – Zig Ziglar

In collaboration with our clients, we have amassed a deep understanding of Oil & Gas operations, petroleum geology, engineering and accounting. Big Sky provides comprehensive support for our clients throughout the transaction process including:

  • Assisting non-op owners in obtaining information from operators and resolving discrepancies with joint interest billing, revenue, netting, suspense revenue and account balances
  • Preparing lease operating statements and settlement statements allocating revenue and expenses between buyer and seller
  • Preparing lease schedules
  • Obtaining copies of assignments, division orders and title opinions
  • Researching and addressing/curing title defects
  • Arranging the release of operator or contractor liens
  • Supervising the preparation of engineering reserve reports
  • Creating land, activity and geological maps
  • Financial modeling for E&P companies seeking drilling capital
  • Engineering and financial analysis supporting the generation and marketing of prospects

As your Advisor, we seek to give you an edge when selling your property:

  • More leverage in negotiations by having an experienced intermediary versus direct bargaining
  • The ability to create a competitive selling environment that would be challenging for an individual seller to create on their own
  • Access to our extensive network of contacts and relationships
  • Professional marketing materials that drive the speed and efficiency of the marketing process and create an overall buyer perception which contributes to their valuation considerations
  • Well organized data rooms that assist buyers in rapidly and accurately evaluating properties.



As your trusted partner, we will help guide you through challenging financial and operating circumstances.

  • Financial restructuring, distressed and §363 asset sales
  • Litigation support, expert testimony and calculation of economic damages concerning transactions involving Oil & Gas mineral interests
  • Technical and economic analysis supporting the generation of Oil & Gas prospects or mineral interest acquisitions
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                                                                                                                                                                               – Red Adair